WARNING: Since you have made it pass the opening screen's elimination; I must conclude that you are a parent, or a friend, of our world's humanity's children..

... who actually cares about the violent conditions that our children are being forced to live within.

Thus I inform you now, that the following pages are not censored, or watered down ...

... for the violent conditions that our humanity's children are surviving today, aren't watered down, or censored.

On this site, we give simple solutions to those problems, facing our children' lives daily.

You may not agree with these logical solutions; but our children deserve, that you think outside of the box, at least for the time necessary to read these solutions.

So how did our world become so full of hatred, lust, and the pollution /misery ...

... which only our hatred of others could produce?

The simplest answer to this question, is to say our clergy of priests, rabbis, and imans ...

... whom refuse to obey our LORD God's laws ...

... as given unto Moses.

You see, all of our humanity's hatred, has been based upon some religious writing, or another ...
... which has been completely taken out of its original context, by our One God's religious order/clergies.

Click this box [] to read Example 1: Why do the religious mistakenly teach that the city of Sodom was destroyed in the bible due to homosexuality?
Click this box [] to read Example 2: Why do the religious teach that our LORD God hate rich people, and love poor people?

Click this box [] to read Example 3: Why did the religious teach that our LORD God condones slavery, and the mistreatment of other humans?

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